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Sr. Anna Maria's Solemn Profession

Dear Friends, we wish to share with you our great joy!

On the 12th of September, our sister Anna Maria Słomińska made her Solemn Profession and with enthusiasm and freshness of love responded to the call: "You have called me: here I am, Lord", and with great conviction proclaimed before everyone: "I want to follow Christ and be His bride".

The Celebration of Solemn Profession took place in our Monastery Church, because of the pandemic we celebrated it within the Community.

Mass was presided over by our Bishop Mgr Ernesto Mandara, with Redemptorists; Fr. Pietro Chyla, Fr. Vincenzo La Mendola and Fr. Nicolas, C.Ss.R., a General Councillor, who had come from Rome.

We thank the Bishop's Vicar, Fr Paolo Gilardi, who undertook the task of Master of Ceremonies with competence and simplicity, making our celebration even more solemn and dignified.

The presence of the relatives of Sister Anna Maria, who came from Poland, of our Sisters, - representatives of the Redemptorist Communities of Foggia and Scala, and of some friends from Magliano Sabina, allowed us to live this important Celebration in an intimate familial atmosphere, with peace and deep joy in our hearts.

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